LUMIÈRE Riverside Real Estate Website Design & Development

LUMIÈRE Riverside is one of the luxury real-estate projects of Masterise Homes. By perfectly blending UX/UI best practices as well as color, patterns and animation, their website design was a success.


Translating the perfect blend of architecture, luxury and nature of Vietnam's first Unique Leafscape Design projects.


The synergy of luxury and nature is a message that's hard to communicate successfully. We took the challenge and created a layout inspired by the architectural features of the project in order to make it stand out from the rest of other high-end projects in Vietnam.

With an affluent-centric approach, the website evokes the organic roots of Lumière's lavish design. It gets its inspiration from the lush greenery of Lumière, helping it convey a sense of luxuriant exclusivity.


After analyzing Lumière's background and visual elements, we found four key elements that needed to be highlighted:

  • Green
  • Organic
  • Botanic
  • Sparkling-light like stars. This, based on the name of the project, "Lumiere", which means "light" or "gleam".

The concept plays on the idea of a lush botanical garden, set amidst the cityscapes of Vietnam. We translate this by using the project juxtaposed with soft colors and flowy plants to give users a feel of what living in Lumière Riverside is like. The copy helps enhance the journey for our users and helps them immerse further in this botanical paradise.

Providing the user with enough opportunities to see the beautiful green spaces was essential to trigger a need to request for information. This is why the project page has an overview of the utilities and facilities, as well as having a distinct classification of floor plans and apartments that highlight Lumière's exuberant vegetation.


Due to the client’s Laravel requirements, we executed the development of the website in October CMS.


Thanks to this website, the first sale of Masterise's Lumière Riverside was carried out successfully, motivating them to prepare a new round of sales before the project completion.

The clients’ satisfaction to the audience response to the website also resulted in Bray Leino Splash being commissioned for the development of multiple additional property websites as well as a mobile sales app, further cementing the partnership between Masterise Homes and ourselves.

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